I see Red .... and mustard yellow....and cow manure green ....

(The following verse is to the tune of "What a Wonderful World")

I see walls of green ...

Red dining rooms ...

I see them all...

And my buyer does too ...

And I say to myself . . .

What a colorful house . . .  (that won't sell)

After showing about 40 homes to some out of town buyers this week, it once again became apparent to me HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO LISTEN TO YOUR HOME STAGER/REALTOR!  (Yes, I AM yelling!)

Time and again, my buyers would walk into a house and their feedback would be, "it's just not us", or "it just doesn't feel like home".  I would probe further and ask specific questions to better understand, really to no avail. They just couldn't articulate what "it" was.  On the last day, after looking at another house that "just didn't feel right", I asked, "what did you think of the dining room?"  The buyer's response was "well, actually I couldn't even focus on the rest of the house because I was trying to decide if I liked the red paint."  (Which was HIDEOUS by the way and the dining room was the first room we saw from the entry.)

 It was just as I suspected.   I have had this happen many times with my own listings.  I recommend the seller neutralize the paint, but they don't want to spend the money or take the time.  Then, after the market has rejected their house for six months, they decide to paint.  Unfortunately, it's too late.  The house is market worn.  By that time, rumors of plumbing problems, ghosts, bad neighbors, etc. are circulating as the reason why the house hasn't sold. 

Although you may LOVE that apple red color you painted your dining room, you haven't ever tried to "sell" that color.  A real estate professional has.  When we are assisting sellers with property preparation, we also have to put our personal preferences aside. 

My buyers ended up with seven homes as "finalists". These homes were all clean, staged, and the "first impression" areas were decorated with bright neutral colors.  The evidence speaks for itself.  He who has an ear, let him hear!

Another interesting comment my buyer made was that she was glad her teen aged son could see how important it was going to be for him to keep his room tidy.  (You see, they were putting their house on the market when they got back home.)  Really speaks to the "clean factor" as well.

Decorating your home to sell is totally different than decorating your home to live in.  So sellers, if you want to SELL your house versus LIST your house, listen to your real estate agent.  We are on your side! 

(Louie again)

I see a house that says "welcome" ....

Fresh Flowers too.... 

I see it all ....

And my buyers do too ..... (yahoo!)

And I say to myself.....

What a wonderful house!  (That will sell!)

Oh yeah!




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