It's the Chicken and the Egg Thing . . . Again!

Owensboro, KY real estateDo you have to be Successful to be Happy or Happy to be Successful?

It’s the chicken and the egg thing. . . . again!

My personal opinion is that you must be happy before you can be successful, however, I know plenty of Ebenezer Scrooge’s out there too, so what gives?  I suppose it’s all in how you define “success”.  Although small victories may bring moments of happiness, these moments will be short lived if you are not really happy.  Here’s my recipe for happiness:

1.        Happiness is a Choice

2.       Happiness is a Choice

3.       Happiness is a Choice

4.       You get my point

There seems to be a wave of negative thought sweeping across this country – the idea that “if I am not happy, it’s not my fault.”  ‘It’s my parent’s fault”,” my boss’s fault”, “my spouse’s fault”, “my teacher’s fault” and on and on.   “You” are the only constant in “your life”.  If you are unhappy, YOU are the problem.  So what are YOU going to do about it?

1.       Accept the fact that YOU are the ONLY ONE who can affect your happiness.

2.       Take responsibility for your choices.

3.       Stop making the same bad choices.

This may mean getting a new set of friends and finding something productive to do with your spare time.  If you want to do better, you have to do different. 

4.       Get help

Everyone needs a cheerleader when they are making major life changes.  Deciding to be happy will be uncomfortable at first.  Enlist the help of a professional, pastor or counselor.  They have wisdom from experience that will help you get out of your pit and on to happiness and success!


b/t/w:  There is a great book:  Happiness is A Choice by Barry Neil Kaufman – available on for around $10.00

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